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How social media is used to influence elections

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Cambridge Analytica played some hidden
roles in elections around the world, from the US presidential elections, the UK
Brexit referendum, to even the Kenyan general elections. How did they achieve
this? It was easy. The marriage of technology and human psychology has produced
powerful tool that can reach people,

Questions to expect in the upcoming Kenya Population and Housing Census

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Where you will spend the night on 24th August
2019 will affect this country for the next 10 years, because that will be the
reference night for the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census. You will
expect someone to knock at your door between the evenings of 24th to
31st August and ask,

Kenya’s Failed Primary School Laptops Project

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In 2013, the government of Kenya promised
to issue laptops to all pupils joining primary school. This was made as an
election campaign pledge, and it was one of the most expensive political
promises ever made. It would involve issuing laptops to every new batch of
pupils joining class one every year.

Conducting business through online markets

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While the world has shifted to a Digital
Economy, many people find themselves unable to venture into doing business
online due to lack of information on what digital economy entails, or lack of
skills to utilize the same. At the same time, many people keep venturing into
entrepreneurship in the same old ways while failing to take advantage of
digital tools that can be used to reach bigger markets,

The Future of Self-driving Cars in Africa

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Automobile is a word that came up when the world
transitioned from horse drawn cars to self-propelling cars with engines. Then,
no one saw it coming that one day even the driver would become unnecessary and
the car would move from both animal power and control.

The White CEO

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What started as a satirical tweet by Truehost Cloud has ended up as a Tweet with a life of its own, drawing anger and amusement at the same time from thousands of people. The tweet was an advert for a CEO position, giving funny requirements such as height,

Human Tethering

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Humans are a very slippery things. They are neither here,
nor there, but always on the move and looking for the next big thing. They get
bored easily, and look for different distractions to satisfy their ever
changing tastes. Devices complained that even when they offer the best

Kenya’s problem with Cashless Transport

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When Uber landed in Nairobi – one of the World’s most
dynamic cities, – they realized their card payment system was not popular. This
led to Nairobi becoming the second city in the world where Uber introduced cash
payment option, after Hyderabad. The single move tripled Uber’s growth in
Nairobi in just two months.

From Fake News to DeepFakes

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Stories created to deliberately misinform or deceive readers
are common. The traditional name for such stories was ‘lies’. However, in a
post truth world, the correct name for them is now fake news. Fake news has
been around for ages, but I bet it is one Donald Trump who popularized the

Why Customer Care Sucks

If you have lived long enough, you know that customer care

I am a client of the three biggest banks in Kenya, and I have
come to hate their customer care service. However, I need the banks, so I have
nowhere to run.