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Sudden Death

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“You and I hear of sudden deaths and yet we imagine we shall not die suddenly.” – C.H. Spurgeon.

Death by Many Names

There are many euphemisms for death:

To pass away, pass on, lose one’s
life, breathe one’s last,

The Invention of Insurance

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Many moons ago, there never used to be health insurance. Not that people never fell sick; it’s just that they had other ways of dealing with health problems. They were never guaranteed of getting money for the medical bills, but they still lived happily then.

Corruption is Eating Away our Future

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I have come to a conclusion that every
Kenyan is corrupt, unless proven otherwise. My experience in business has
taught me this. Take a look at this.


Whenever a government entity requests for service, someone will call you requesting to ‘talk.’ This is only if they actually need the service,

Conducting business through online markets

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While the world has shifted to a Digital
Economy, many people find themselves unable to venture into doing business
online due to lack of information on what digital economy entails, or lack of
skills to utilize the same. At the same time, many people keep venturing into
entrepreneurship in the same old ways while failing to take advantage of
digital tools that can be used to reach bigger markets,

Children and Screen Time

They say that you
shouldn’t get high on your own supply. Nowhere has this statement been truer
than when it comes to electronic devices. Bill Gates did not allow his children
to use cellphones until they were teenagers. Steve Jobs would not let his young
children use iPads,