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Top .KE Domain Registrars

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.KE is the Kenyan brand online, and there are tens of both local and international companies that offer .KE domain registration services. You might have wondered who are the biggest domain registrars in Kenya in terms of domain volumes, especially when you need to be sure that the registrar will be in business for a long time.

The Invention of Insurance

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Many moons ago, there never used to be health insurance. Not that people never fell sick; it’s just that they had other ways of dealing with health problems. They were never guaranteed of getting money for the medical bills, but they still lived happily then.

The Wireless Mouse

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My friend was thrilled to have his first wireless mouse for
his computer. A wireless mouse felt like the end of a prison sentence, where
one can walk and work freely without restrictions. He could now mouse freely
without feeling tethered to the laptop.

Content on Borrowed Platforms

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One day you wake up to find that Facebook
has closed shop, and so did Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat,
TikTok, Spotify, and all of their kind. Suddenly, the online community you
built is no more. Your careers as an influencer is gone.

How Online Ads Work

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A story is told of a lady who reported to the police a pair of shoe that was stalking her. The shoe kept following her to every website that she accessed. It would appear on the news website, in social media, blogs and every YouTube video that she watched.

Corruption is Eating Away our Future

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I have come to a conclusion that every
Kenyan is corrupt, unless proven otherwise. My experience in business has
taught me this. Take a look at this.


Whenever a government entity requests for service, someone will call you requesting to ‘talk.’ This is only if they actually need the service,

Business Lesson: Control

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After successfully running a restaurant in the outskirts of the city which operated everyday between 6 am and 9 pm, John decided to open a second restaurant in Nairobi West. This Nairobi’s clubbing capital, where the night never comes to an end and restaurants run till early morning,

Fake Adverts that are Conning Kenyans

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The advent of digital advertising has opened opportunities
for content creators to make money from their content. This includes websites
owners or YouTube Channel owners who can earn money by having ads placed in
their websites. If you visit most news website, they are full of blinking,

Disaster Preparedness in Kenya

Disasters do not just happen; there are a chain of critical events and fateful decisions that take place before the disaster hits. For the people involved, there is only one path that leads to the disaster, with everything appearing to collaborate together to their damnation.

Unpaid Internship

Slavery was the greatest thing that existed before mechanization. People loved it so much that it took almost the lifetime of some weird-minded politicians like William Wilberforce to legally bring it to an end. Slaves were the washing machines, combine harvesters, ploughs, tractors and even engines in ships.