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Human Tethering

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Humans are a very slippery things. They are neither here,
nor there, but always on the move and looking for the next big thing. They get
bored easily, and look for different distractions to satisfy their ever
changing tastes. Devices complained that even when they offer the best

Kenya’s problem with Cashless Transport

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When Uber landed in Nairobi – one of the World’s most
dynamic cities, – they realized their card payment system was not popular. This
led to Nairobi becoming the second city in the world where Uber introduced cash
payment option, after Hyderabad. The single move tripled Uber’s growth in
Nairobi in just two months.

From Fake News to DeepFakes

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Stories created to deliberately misinform or deceive readers
are common. The traditional name for such stories was ‘lies’. However, in a
post truth world, the correct name for them is now fake news. Fake news has
been around for ages, but I bet it is one Donald Trump who popularized the

Why Customer Care Sucks

If you have lived long enough, you know that customer care

I am a client of the three biggest banks in Kenya, and I have
come to hate their customer care service. However, I need the banks, so I have
nowhere to run.

Is Kenya’s Cyber Resilience Wanting?

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On the first of June 2019, eighteen Kenyan
government websites were hacked and defaced by a group of Indonesian cyber
attackers. It took over 24 hours for the ICT Authority to restore them
back, with people questioning the government’s capacity to deal with cyber-attack
and protect Kenyans’ data.

Children and Screen Time

They say that you
shouldn’t get high on your own supply. Nowhere has this statement been truer
than when it comes to electronic devices. Bill Gates did not allow his children
to use cellphones until they were teenagers. Steve Jobs would not let his young
children use iPads,

Scaling up lessons from M-PESA

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Building a good
product is hard. Getting people to use the good product you have built is even harder.
I have seen the careers of many developers come to an end because they thought
that having the perfect product would mean mass adoption, only to realize that
no one was interested in their apps.

Internet Shutdown in Kenya

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African governments
are known to shut down the internet when faced by protests, elections, or even
national examinations. In the last few years, internet shutdown has been
experienced in Zimbabwe, Cameroon, DRC, Somalia, Ethiopia and several other
countries. Here in Kenya, the question of whether there would be an internet
shutdown during the 2017 general elections was very much rife,

China-US trade war is just a global gang violence

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In 2012, a Chinese company
completed the building of the African Union headquarters at a cost of $200m,
which China had funded. This was a welcome gift to Africa, and the result was a
landmark building that ended up being the tallest building in Addis Ababa,

The Anatomy of a Betting Nation

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A few days ago, I spent the day in a client’s
office where I was doing some work. The office was manned by four young people,
three ladies and one guy, who seemed to have graduated from college within a
period of one to five years.