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Why We Need More Women in Engineering

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For a long time in history, Engineering was considered to be a man’s field where a woman would occasionally show up. The image of an engineer was that of a muscular person wearing a helmet and covered with grease or some form of dirt,

The Power of an Opportune Tweet in Marketing

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What is the power of a Tweet?

On a normal day, Stephen Odhiambo works to build furniture along Ngong road. He is good at what he does, based on the video that has been circulating online. But being good is not good enough for business.

Education Challenge in Northern Kenya

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In an agricultural based economy, any area that receives low amounts of rainfall and lacks access to underground or surface water for irrigation ends up with very limited options. One such area is Northern Kenya which is characterized by annual average amounts of 150 – 450 mm,

Ravi Zacharias

If there is one man whose books I have read, watched his teachings, and listened to over and over, it must be Ravi Zacharias.

He passed on this month, and one lesson I learnt from him is the need to be compassionate and gracious to people even when armed with truth,

CyberCrime Does Not Pay

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Facts tell, but stories sell. There is a story going around that Juja has been named a global cybercrime hotspot by Interpol. The story is not true as confirmed here, but it sells. Looking at it, one can get some very good lessons on how our society perceives cybercrime.

Is Juja a Global Cybercrime Hotspot?

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Where did the story of Juja being a global cybercrime hotspot come from?

The answer lies in a satirical news website called PostaMate. The stories presented there are fictional, but unfortunately, many people believe that what you read on the internet is always true.

Cascading Power Failures Explained

Early on Saturday morning, a power transmission cable snapped somewhere near Nairobi city. The resulting effect was a nationwide blackout in Kenya and Uganda. How did one cable send two countries into darkness?

It is something complicated if you do not understand the power distribution,

Why I am Not Wearing a Mask

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From my street knowledge of statistics, I can conclude that
only 45% of people in Nairobi are wearing masks. Out of that 45% that have
masked up, half of them think that the mask is for covering the chin. This leaves
us with only 22.5% of people who are taking masks seriously.

The Death of Privacy

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Day after day, our lives are increasingly becoming
reliant on internet and technology more than ever. We use computers in form of PCs,
tablets, phones, and wearable devices, and every traditional gadget from alarm
clock to the refrigerator is becoming smart. We use Google and other engines to
navigate the internet,

Everything Rises and Falls on Communication

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Before I got married, I attended some premarital counselling
classes that went on for 12 weeks, having one class per week. One of the
classes was on communication, because if you are married you know very well
that communication could be a matter of life and death.