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Business Lesson: Control

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After successfully running a restaurant in the outskirts of the city which operated everyday between 6 am and 9 pm, John decided to open a second restaurant in Nairobi West. This Nairobi’s clubbing capital, where the night never comes to an end and restaurants run till early morning,

Fake Adverts that are Conning Kenyans

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The advent of digital advertising has opened opportunities
for content creators to make money from their content. This includes websites
owners or YouTube Channel owners who can earn money by having ads placed in
their websites. If you visit most news website, they are full of blinking,

Disaster Preparedness in Kenya

Disasters do not just happen; there are a chain of critical events and fateful decisions that take place before the disaster hits. For the people involved, there is only one path that leads to the disaster, with everything appearing to collaborate together to their damnation.

Unpaid Internship

Slavery was the greatest thing that existed before mechanization. People loved it so much that it took almost the lifetime of some weird-minded politicians like William Wilberforce to legally bring it to an end. Slaves were the washing machines, combine harvesters, ploughs, tractors and even engines in ships.

Kenya to License Bloggers and Facebook/WhatsApp Group Creators

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Government acts are contagious. Uganda and Tanzania
came up with laws to regulate blogging and use of social media, and Kenya is on
the verge of copying and pasting. The Kenya
information and Communications (Amendment) Bill 2019
seeks to bring in
regulations that will lead to the tightest control of social media use in

Why Kenyans Rank Poorly in Online Privacy

The 2019 Global Survey on Internet Security
and Trust ranked Kenyans as the people with the least concern for privacy
online, ranking at position 25 out of the 25 countries that participated in the
survey. The report said that only 40% of Kenyans are concerned about their
privacy online,

Kenyan Musicians Face the Music

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Kenyan artistes seems to be making everything but money.

Last month, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK)
disbursed loyalties to Kenyan musicians. This is the money that had been
collected from licensing public music performance in the in the second quarter
of 2019.

Kenya’s New Digital Tax targets Google, Facebook, Netflix and others

Governments have increasingly resulted to taxing digital services through taxes such as Social Media tax in Uganda and various countries in Africa. The trend seems to be picking up with different versions of such taxation in the East African region. This week, Kenya is on the verge of introducing taxes on the digital services providers,

Lawrence Mosa: The making of Canaan Properties

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Lawrence Mosa lives by a code that if you want to do
business on long term, do it legitimately.

Mosa is the founder and the Managing Director at Canaan
Properties, one of the leading real estate management service providers in
Nairobi. This is a business he has ran for 15 years.

The Persuasive Technologies that keep you addicted to Social Media

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Last year, salesforce CEO Merc Benioff was
quoted during the World Economic Forum saying that Facebook should be regulated
the same way tobacco companies are regulated. This was in reference to the
tendency of social media to be addictive, and to influence human behaviour and
decision in a way no other media has achieved before.