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The Anatomy of a Betting Nation

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A few days ago, I spent the day in a client’s
office where I was doing some work. The office was manned by four young people,
three ladies and one guy, who seemed to have graduated from college within a
period of one to five years.

The missteps and challenges that M-PESA faced in Kenya

When M-PESA was
launched in March 2007, we did not know what impact it would have on our lives
and the World in general. I was just out of high school, waiting to join
college, and this was a good time to experiment with anything new and

The old Crocodile and the young Crocodile

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The old crocodile was floating at the river’s edge when a younger crocodile swam up next to him,

“I’ve heard from many that you’re the fiercest hunter in all of the river bottoms. Please, teach me your ways.”

from a nice long afternoon nap,

Jesus is in Trouble

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Jesus is in trouble. Some serious trouble.
The kind of mess that would easily get you into depression. As one would be
expected to do, he decides to get his three close buddies, so that they can go
and pray. He takes Peter, John and James with him so that they could back him

The Huduma Namba Mess

I stopped taking
humans seriously when I learnt that a human being needs a birth certificate, as
if their existence is in question, and a death certificate when they die to
prove that they are dead and buried.  

When my daughter was

A very sad story

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In a book I am reading, Philip Yancey tells a very sad, but
true story.

A prostitute came to me in wretched straits, homeless, sick, unable to buy food for her two-year-old daughter. Through sobs and tears, she told me she had been renting out her daughter two years old to men interested in kinky sex.

Babies and Former Babies

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When you show the moon to a baby, they only see your finger (African proverb). That is just how babies are, and that is how they live their lives. The grown ups are always at the receiving end of these selfish human. Babies will keep you awake at night until you start questioning why mentally sound people decide to get children.

What’s next after campus?

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At some point in
campus/college, especially during your final months or semesters, you will need
to start planning for life after school. It is a joy to finish and look forward
to graduation, but there are also many moving parts involved that can rob you
the joy of completing your studies.

An Unreasonable Action

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The story is told of a truck driver who
often visited brothels while on the road. This was a common practice for some
truck drivers who spent many days on the road; away from family, friends,
accountability and any form of restrain.

On one occasion,

The Man who Continued Fighting for 29 Years after World War II Ended

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If you underestimate what loyalty, pride, determination, and commitment can produce in a man, you need to hear the story of Hiroo Onado.

On 2nd
September 1945, the World War II officially ended when Japan formally surrendered
to the allied forces. Germany and Italy had already surrendered,