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The lost Art of Hand Washing

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When the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary in charge of Health Mutahi
Kagwe introduced Dr Myriam Sidibe who has a PhD in Public Health focused on
hand washing to demonstrate to Kenyans how one should wash their hands, mouths
were left open.

How did someone do a full PhD that is focused on hand

Living in the Age of Corona Virus

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How are we to live in the times of the Corona Virus?

The same way we have lived in the age of road accidents,
landslides, mercury in sugar, aflatoxins, HIV, malaria, collapsing classrooms and
other day to day disasters that faced us in 2019 and prior.

The Problem of Fake News

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Was the world ready for the age where everybody would be a
media outlet?

Technology has made it easy for anybody to reach a mass
audience. A single social media or website post from an obscure source can go
viral and influence the world in large scale.

Internet Addiction

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The internet is an important platform for today’s communication; that is why you are able to read this article. However, just like any other good thing, the internet is prone to abuse through such things as fueling disinformation, cyber-attacks, online bullying, health issues and even internet addiction.

Why I will be Running for the Bibleless in 2020

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As Kenyans, we have a propensity of solving many things by
running. We run to school, run from hunger, run for money and run from responsibilities.
We run for offices, run campaigns, run programs and activities at work, and
even have national season of running noses.

17 Business Lessons I’ve Learnt Building a Tech Company

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I have spent most of my working years thinking about Cloud
services and offering them at Truehost
. I have experienced great success and also failures. Now that it is
the time of the year that I audit my life because I am turning one year older,

Sudden Death

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“You and I hear of sudden deaths and yet we imagine we shall not die suddenly.” – C.H. Spurgeon.

Death by Many Names

There are many euphemisms for death:

To pass away, pass on, lose one’s
life, breathe one’s last,

Why Air-crash Accident Investigations Take Long and What We can Learn from Them

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Flying is one of the safest modes of transport today, and it
is not by chance that it is so. It is a result of years of research and
learning, majorly through simulations and very good engineering, but also
through learning from mistakes that are made.

Letter from Middle Earth

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Dear earthlings,

Where I live, we have neither electricity
nor cars. We do not have access to the internet, and we actually do not need
it. We usually do not have money, although we are not poor. We have more food
than we need.

It Matters how we Collectively Bring up our Children

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As a young parent, I am entitled to give my opinion on
parenting based on the fact that I know very little. I am wallowing in the
comfort of blissful ignorance, or what the people who study human minds and
behavior call unconscious incompetence.