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The Death of Privacy

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Day after day, our lives are increasingly becoming
reliant on internet and technology more than ever. We use computers in form of PCs,
tablets, phones, and wearable devices, and every traditional gadget from alarm
clock to the refrigerator is becoming smart. We use Google and other engines to
navigate the internet,

The Problem of Fake News

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Was the world ready for the age where everybody would be a
media outlet?

Technology has made it easy for anybody to reach a mass
audience. A single social media or website post from an obscure source can go
viral and influence the world in large scale.

Internet Addiction

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The internet is an important platform for today’s communication; that is why you are able to read this article. However, just like any other good thing, the internet is prone to abuse through such things as fueling disinformation, cyber-attacks, online bullying, health issues and even internet addiction.

Making E-Commerce Work

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I need an Ecommerce website where I can sell my products that
I often market via WhatsApp and Instagram.

This is the question I have encountered many times from
people who want to sell their products online, and want to set up an ecommerce website.

Top .KE Domain Registrars

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.KE is the Kenyan brand online, and there are tens of both local and international companies that offer .KE domain registration services. You might have wondered who are the biggest domain registrars in Kenya in terms of domain volumes, especially when you need to be sure that the registrar will be in business for a long time.

The Wireless Mouse

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My friend was thrilled to have his first wireless mouse for
his computer. A wireless mouse felt like the end of a prison sentence, where
one can walk and work freely without restrictions. He could now mouse freely
without feeling tethered to the laptop.

Content on Borrowed Platforms

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One day you wake up to find that Facebook
has closed shop, and so did Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat,
TikTok, Spotify, and all of their kind. Suddenly, the online community you
built is no more. Your careers as an influencer is gone.