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Fake Adverts that are Conning Kenyans

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The advent of digital advertising has opened opportunities
for content creators to make money from their content. This includes websites
owners or YouTube Channel owners who can earn money by having ads placed in
their websites. If you visit most news website, they are full of blinking,

Kenyan Musicians Face the Music

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Kenyan artistes seems to be making everything but money.

Last month, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK)
disbursed loyalties to Kenyan musicians. This is the money that had been
collected from licensing public music performance in the in the second quarter
of 2019.

Conducting business through online markets

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While the world has shifted to a Digital
Economy, many people find themselves unable to venture into doing business
online due to lack of information on what digital economy entails, or lack of
skills to utilize the same. At the same time, many people keep venturing into
entrepreneurship in the same old ways while failing to take advantage of
digital tools that can be used to reach bigger markets,

The White CEO

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What started as a satirical tweet by Truehost Cloud has ended up as a Tweet with a life of its own, drawing anger and amusement at the same time from thousands of people. The tweet was an advert for a CEO position, giving funny requirements such as height,