Lord of the Memes

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The world has changed. I see it in the Instagram. I feel it in Facebook. I smell it on Twitter. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.  

It began with the sharing of pictures, and soon, memes became the fastest way to communicate without writing too much. Out of the memes came the memefied people who have always made our lives happy. We are in meme revolution.

My question; Who is the Memelord of Africa? I bet the answer would be President Uhuru Kenyatta, and this has been documented widely here.

The president who recently quit social media still continues to trend online as his memes dominate. He is not only the president of Kenya, but also president of the meme republic.

Perhaps, men were deceived, and now we have one meme to rule them all!


The Election

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The election was just a year away. The government had done nothing in the previous four years, just like any other government out there, but they needed the votes. They needed to take care of the upcoming brand of woke politicians who were gaining popularity. It was time to act. The election was to be won by both hook and crook. More crook than hook.

The party had a strategy. It was the same old strategy that is used by parties since the birth of democracy. Manipulate the sheep. The voters were just but sheep who could be manipulated easily. The promising thing was unlike the early days of democracy, now there were ready weapons of mass manipulation.

The strategy was laid down.

The campaign machine was cranked up.

There was no mercy, no restrain, no boundaries, no sacred.

Strategy #1: Outrage

The people were already outraged by the actions and the inactions of the government. There was still a room for more outrage, and the party decided to act. The plan was to create more outrage until people were tired of outrage. It did not matter the source or the object of the outrage, as long as people were made very outraged.

The outrage initially drew people’s attention, but soon they got an outrage fatigue. They no longer got outraged by the things that mattered because their outrage had been depleted. This gave the government more room to steal and make outrageous decisions with no meaningful feedback from the citizens. The country had been immunized.

Strategy #2: Manipulation

This was an easy strategy, for digital disruption has brought forth many weapons of mass manipulation. All that they needed to do was to use them. They hired bloggers and propagandists who would work on specific topics each day to manipulate public opinion and influence news cycles.

They painted the opposition any color they wanted. They made it hard to believe anything because for every truth that was said, they had an alternative truth. Those who were gullible enough, the majority, believed. Those who did not believe got outraged, sending them to strategy #1.

They created fake news which was better than the true news. They had videos and audio recordings from deep fakes, making their opponents to be on the defensive side all the time.

Strategy #3: Controversy

What brings in more media coverage than controversy? And what makes people more popular than being controversial? With this in mind, the government’s foot soldiers went ahead to create controversy. There were controversies on everything. So much were the controversies that nobody got to know what the real issues were.


Lawrence Mosa: The making of Canaan Properties

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Lawrence Mosa lives by a code that if you want to do business on long term, do it legitimately.

Mosa is the founder and the Managing Director at Canaan Properties, one of the leading real estate management service providers in Nairobi. This is a business he has ran for 15 years.

It has not been rosy for him. He admits that one thing you will face as an entrepreneur is getting broke, and this is one costs of being in business. He considers it a form of school fees that one has to pay in business.

Mosa started a hardware business after campus. He attributes his entrepreneurial venture to two things: his father, who was a businessman, and joblessness. He had been involved in his father’s businesses while growing up, and this raised his interest in the same. He thus did some few businesses while in Kenyatta University using money from the then HELB. After graduating, jobs were not forthcoming. After numerous applications, he partnered with a friend to start a hardware business in Athi River.

The business was booming, at least for some time. What started as a 5k capital in business soon became a multi-million hardware. Seven years down the line, the hardware closed down, leaving him with debts to pay. This was a low moment, but also a learning moment for Mr Mosa in business. But it was from that failure that he rose to venture into Real estate management.

Having a loan to repay after the business collapsed, Mr Mosa decided to dispose off a piece of land to pay off the debts. The person he owed the money was amazed at how fast he was able to dispose off the piece of land. He asked him to help him sell a piece of land, which he objected, reminding the guy that he was only selling because he had debts to pay.

Upon his insistence, he agreed to sell and receive a commission. And that was his Eureka moment; Canaan properties was born. Today, Canaan Properties is one of the largest comprehensive real estate services providers in Kenya, with services ranging from letting, selling and managing of residential and commercial properties to development consultancy.

 Mosa says that he built Canaan Properties to be an enterprise that will outlast him, and therefore adheres to the best practices possible. He even has  advisory board that audits the business every quarter, and ensures that it is ran according to the best practices. Among their top core values is integrity, and this has helped them win over customer trust, and kept them in good books even with the authorities.

Some of the specific lessons he shares with incoming entrepreneurs are:

  1. Establish a relationship with your bank, as you will need funds as you grow.
  2. Create systems and processes that will ensure that your business can operate even in your absence. This is key to growing.
  3. If you are starting up, it would help if you have an anchor client who will guarantee you a sustained income as you expand. Without a consistent income, it is likely that you will only focus on survival instead of long term growth.
  4. The best marketing channel is through referrals. Ensure you have happy clients who refer you to others.
  5. Finds interns to hire, mentor them and grow together with them. This is beneficial to both of you, and better than finding experienced personnel who you cannot afford.
  6. God is always faithful, and rewards the work of your hands.
  7. Finally as a Christian remember that whatever you do must be done as unto the Lord so this business must be conducted in a manner be true Ambassadors of Christ in the market place.


The old Crocodile and the young Crocodile

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The old crocodile was floating at the river’s edge when a younger crocodile swam up next to him,

“I’ve heard from many that you’re the fiercest hunter in all of the river bottoms. Please, teach me your ways.”

Awoken from a nice long afternoon nap, the old crocodile glanced at the young crocodile with one of his reptilian eyes, said nothing and then fell back asleep atop the water.

Feeling frustrated and disrespected, the young crocodile swam off upriver to chase after some catfish, leaving behind a flurry of bubbles. “I’ll show him”, he thought to himself.

Later that day the young crocodile returned to the old crocodile who was still napping and began to brag to him about his successful hunt,

“I caught two meaty catfish today. What have you caught? Nothing? Perhaps you’re not so fierce after all.”

Unphased the old crocodile again looked at the young crocodile, said nothing, closed his eyes and continued to float atop the water as tiny minnows muched away lightly at the algae on his underbelly.

Again, the young crocodile was angry he couldn’t get a response from the elder, and he swam off a second time upstream to see what he could hunt.

After a few hours of thrashing about he was able to hunt down a small crane. Smiling, he kept the bird in his jaws and swam back to the old crocodile, adamant about showing him who the true hunter was.

As the young crocodile rounded the bend, he saw the elder crocodile still floating in the same spot near the river’s edge.

However, something had changed — a large wildebeest was enjoying an afternoon drink just inches near the old crocodile’s head.

In one lightning fast movement, the old crocodile bolted out of the water, wrapped his jaws around the great wildebeest and pulled him under the river.

Awestruck the young crocodile swam up with the tiny bird hanging from his mouth and watched as the old crocodile enjoyed his 500 lb meal.

The young crocodile asked him, “Please… tell me… how… how did you do that?”

Through mouthfuls of wildebeest, the old crocodile finally responded,

“I did nothing.”


An Unreasonable Action

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The story is told of a truck driver who often visited brothels while on the road. This was a common practice for some truck drivers who spent many days on the road; away from family, friends, accountability and any form of restrain.

On one occasion, a colleague shared with him the details of his favourite brothel, and even gave him the name of the person he should request while there. This was a welcome suggestion; an opportunity to experience a different service, and he gladly made his way to the brothel. He asked for the name that he had given, and was told that he would have to wait because the said prostitute was meeting another client. He patiently waited for an hour, and finally his time came to meet the recommended person.

To his shock and disgust, he entered the room to find his wife. He was devastated. Unknown to him, his wife had been making a living through prostitution while he was on the road. In the rage that ensued, he killed her!

How incredulous! This man was completely at peace with his wayward ways, yet he could not stand to see the favor returned. Many of us live this kind of lifestyle. We do not want to see the bad things we do being done by others. We do the same things that we detest when done by others. And we are not the first ones to do so, as shown in the scripture below:

Romans 2:21-22
…you, then, who teach others, do you not teach yourself? You who preach against stealing, do you steal? You who say that people should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? You who abhor idols, do you rob temples?


The Zebra Question

I asked the zebra
Are you black with white stripes?
Or white with black stripes?
And the zebra asked me,
Are you good with bad habits?
Or are you bad with good habits?
Are you noisy with quiet times?
Or are you quiet with noisy times?
Are you happy with some sad days?
Or are you sad with some happy days?
Are you neat with some sloppy ways?
Or are you sloppy with some neat ways?
And on and on and on and on
And on and on he went.
I’ll never ask a zebra
About stripes

Poem by Shel Silverstein