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Letter from Middle Earth

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Dear earthlings,

Where I live, we have neither electricity
nor cars. We do not have access to the internet, and we actually do not need
it. We usually do not have money, although we are not poor. We have more food
than we need.

Lord of the Memes

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The world has changed. I see it in the Instagram.
I feel it in Facebook. I smell it on Twitter. Much that once was is lost, for
none now live who remember it.  

It began with the sharing of pictures, and


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I had planned to write this last year but two. I know it is
never too late. There is always time to do it in the future.

When I was in school, we knew that the semester was always
concluded in three nights;

The Election

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The election was just a year away. The government had done
nothing in the previous four years, just like any other government out there,
but they needed the votes. They needed to take care of the upcoming brand of
woke politicians who were gaining popularity.

The Invention of Insurance

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Many moons ago, there never used to be health insurance. Not that people never fell sick; it’s just that they had other ways of dealing with health problems. They were never guaranteed of getting money for the medical bills, but they still lived happily then.

The Wireless Mouse

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My friend was thrilled to have his first wireless mouse for
his computer. A wireless mouse felt like the end of a prison sentence, where
one can walk and work freely without restrictions. He could now mouse freely
without feeling tethered to the laptop.

Human Tethering

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Humans are a very slippery things. They are neither here,
nor there, but always on the move and looking for the next big thing. They get
bored easily, and look for different distractions to satisfy their ever
changing tastes. Devices complained that even when they offer the best

Jesus is in Trouble

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Jesus is in trouble. Some serious trouble.
The kind of mess that would easily get you into depression. As one would be
expected to do, he decides to get his three close buddies, so that they can go
and pray. He takes Peter, John and James with him so that they could back him