Sudden Death

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“You and I hear of sudden deaths and yet we imagine we shall not die suddenly.” – C.H. Spurgeon.

Death by Many Names

There are many euphemisms for death:

To pass away, pass on, lose one’s
life, breathe one’s last,

Letter from Middle Earth

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Dear earthlings,

Where I live, we have neither electricity
nor cars. We do not have access to the internet, and we actually do not need
it. We usually do not have money, although we are not poor. We have more food
than we need.

Lord of the Memes

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The world has changed. I see it in the Instagram.
I feel it in Facebook. I smell it on Twitter. Much that once was is lost, for
none now live who remember it.  

It began with the sharing of pictures, and

Making E-Commerce Work

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I need an Ecommerce website where I can sell my products that
I often market via WhatsApp and Instagram.

This is the question I have encountered many times from
people who want to sell their products online, and want to set up an ecommerce website.


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I had planned to write this last year but two. I know it is
never too late. There is always time to do it in the future.

When I was in school, we knew that the semester was always
concluded in three nights;