Content on Borrowed Platforms

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One day you wake up to find that Facebook
has closed shop, and so did Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat,
TikTok, Spotify, and all of their kind. Suddenly, the online community you
built is no more. Your careers as an influencer is gone.

How Online Ads Work

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A story is told of a lady who reported to the police a pair of shoe that was stalking her. The shoe kept following her to every website that she accessed. It would appear on the news website, in social media, blogs and every YouTube video that she watched.

Corruption is Eating Away our Future

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I have come to a conclusion that every
Kenyan is corrupt, unless proven otherwise. My experience in business has
taught me this. Take a look at this.


Whenever a government entity requests for service, someone will call you requesting to ‘talk.’ This is only if they actually need the service,