Children and Screen Time

They say that you
shouldn’t get high on your own supply. Nowhere has this statement been truer
than when it comes to electronic devices. Bill Gates did not allow his children
to use cellphones until they were teenagers. Steve Jobs would not let his young
children use iPads,

Scaling up lessons from M-PESA

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Building a good
product is hard. Getting people to use the good product you have built is even harder.
I have seen the careers of many developers come to an end because they thought
that having the perfect product would mean mass adoption, only to realize that
no one was interested in their apps.

Internet Shutdown in Kenya

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African governments
are known to shut down the internet when faced by protests, elections, or even
national examinations. In the last few years, internet shutdown has been
experienced in Zimbabwe, Cameroon, DRC, Somalia, Ethiopia and several other
countries. Here in Kenya, the question of whether there would be an internet
shutdown during the 2017 general elections was very much rife,