What’s next after campus?

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At some point in
campus/college, especially during your final months or semesters, you will need
to start planning for life after school. It is a joy to finish and look forward
to graduation, but there are also many moving parts involved that can rob you
the joy of completing your studies.

An Unreasonable Action

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The story is told of a truck driver who
often visited brothels while on the road. This was a common practice for some
truck drivers who spent many days on the road; away from family, friends,
accountability and any form of restrain.

On one occasion,

Miracles and Ghosts

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Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in ghosts? You would want to imagine that seeing one would make you decide if they exist or not. Unfortunately, that may not be so. This excerpt from a book I am reading puts it into perspective.