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The Story of a Dead Man

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This is a story of a man who was dead.

It is hard for you to imagine how it would feel to be dead because most likely you are not dead. I also suspect that you have never been dead. I therefore perfectly understand why you may not get it even if I go into details.

But being dead is not a joke. It is a state of emptiness and nothingness that is beyond anything you can imagine. You helplessly watch as your body is dissected by the pathologist and there is nothing you can do. You try to sit up but your body does not follow through because you are dead. You cannot protest the cold place they are keeping you because you do not even feel the cold.

You are then attacked by worms that start feasting on you. They are very weak creatures but you are now weaker. They land on you like a swarm of bees and go to the deepest parts of your body. You can feel them as they feast on your liver and even your heart. It is just a matter of days before they devour you fully. It sucks to be dead.

After a few days, some people you know very well come for your body and put it in a casket. They dig a six-foot-deep grave and you realize they want to banish you into the ground where you will slowly dissolve into the earth and become part of planet earth. You will soon become like the soil that you had collected for your house plant.

All your past no longer matters. Your money, property, knowledge, social networks and reputation you had build is no more. It is such an anticlimax.

Plot Twist

But then, something at this point happens.

The worms begin to retreat. Your body starts to get warm. You can feel the strength getting into your muscles and with one jerk, your heart starts to pump again, your face smoothens and your lungs power back. The casket is pulled out of the soil where you had been buried for 21 days and is opened just as you begin to gasp for air.

You suddenly come back to life. You feel healthier than you were when you were 17. You are alive again and you confirm that it is real. You turn and find a man standing behind you dressed in white like a medic. You do not know what to say. The person has just reversed your death and recalled you from the grave. He sees your confusion and does not allow you to wonder anymore. He opens his mouth and speaks.

“I have an assignment for you.”

…The End.

How would you react?

Watch below.