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Is Prophet Dr Owuor a false prophet?

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The main problem we have in the church is ascertaining whether most of the churches are genuine or not and whether many of the so called men of God are real or crooks. It is not a surprise that these questions are asked; Jesus already prophesied that in the last days there would come many false prophets.
I prefer not to go into details on whether he is a true prophet or not, but would instead recommend that you look at it yourself. The arguments that arise on his authenticity range from the weird manifestation of the working of the Holy Spirit, questionable cases of healing, flashy lifestyle (chase cars and security), unfulfilled prophecies, his titles (mightiest prophet), and most of all the cultic nature of the repentance and Holiness ministry which is associated with him.
The standard tests to ascertain his authenticity are in the Bible, don’t look any further. The Bible asks us to test the Spirits, and we shall know them by their fruits. Check the fruits and see if they are genuine. Don’t look at the miracle works; the Bible has already said that many will claim to have done many things in his names, but Christ doesn’t know them. Miracle works can also emanate from the kingdom of darkness.
Still googling to find out if prophet Dr Owuor is a true prophet? Know your faith, and you shall find the answer.