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Creating a Blog or a Simple Website

Posted on 2 min read

If you know how to use Microsoft Office, then you can create a blog or a simple website. The initial set up can be a little bit technical, but your hosting service provider can help you do that.  What you will then focus on is writing and posting articles, which you should do without much difficulty.
But first, there are a few things you should know: 
Domain name: refers to the address that people will use to access your blog/website (URL). A domain name is something like www.example.comor www.google.com. Domains are usually sold by domain registrars, and you pay an annual fee to own the domain. The cost is ranges from 5 to 15 USD per year (on average). 
Web hosting: This is the service that allows you place your articles somewhere they can be accessed from the internet. You can think of it as a flash disk that is accessible from the internet, unlike one plugged in your computer which cannot be accessed outside the computer. Web hosting companies provide hosting space and charge an annual fee for hosting services, although there are free services that are features.
In most cases, the web hosting service provider provides both domain name and web hosting service. A good example is Truehost Cloud. Click HERE to see their page.
Now that you know the terms, here are four simple steps to creating a blog or a simple website.

  1. Choose a domain, and a name for your blog/website. An example here is the blog under the name ‘Wanjiru Kihusa – A Better You’ and whose domain name is www.wanjirukihusa.com. 
  2. Find a suitable service provider who will host your website. A good recommendation is Truehost Kenya who can assist you set up your blog or your website. 
  3.  Go to hosting and domain name provider and buy the domain and also get yourself the hosting service. In most cases, they will help you set up and configure these. 
  4.  Follow the directions provided and you will be ready to start posting. You can get a lot of email, chat and phone support if you use Truehost Cloudas your webhosting and domain name provider.